Man’s best friend

When I was just starting out appraising, I got a new order out in the country. It was quite a drive and when I got there I was disappointed to find that the owner had forgotten his appointment with me. Not only that but there were 7 snarling barking dogs at the gate telling me to leave. I hated to drive all that way and not even get some exterior shots, so I thought a minute. Dogs are amazing creatures, staunch guardians and friend to man but they have a weakness and that’s food. I had some cashews in my truck and wondered if they would eat them and think me a friend. Unbelievably that’s exactly what happened. They let me climb the gate, walk the property, take the pictures all the while I was talking to them like I knew them and they in turn followed me around tails wagging cause after all I had just fed them so I must be okay. That day I found out that sometimes, man’s best friend can also be an appraiser’s best friend and maybe the appraiser can be man’s best friend too by not being afraid to try new approaches! Later, the owner of the property was talking to my supervisor saying, “what I can’t figure out, is how she got past the dogs”.

Everybody wins!

Back in 2008, right after my house burned up, My husband and I had to share a 2 bedroom cottage with my stepson while I tried to pick up the pieces and start over. That wasn’t easy in those cramped quarters but we managed. Since I wasn’t paying full rent, we were scraping by in the lowest point in the appraisal industry. I had a lot of time on my hands in between house hunting for the perfect place to live. For 3 months I submitted to AMC’s my application, every day. Guess what? I am now on so many lists, that I don’t worry about slow times anymore and of course I name my own customary and reasonable price! There are other appraisers out there who settle for the low ball fees, probably because they are only on at the most 10 lists. I’m on over 50 and every once awhile I still submit to a new company. My point, is that successful people do not sit around and bemoan their fate, they keep busy, they keep the wheels turning and as the Buddhist saying goes, Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment chop wood , carry water. Purchasers of my reports, know that you are being taken care of by someone who loves appraising and loves to stay busy! Everybody wins!

How do you know you are hiring a professional appraiser?

To protect your financial well being and your investments, it is important that you engage a valuation professional. Whether it is personal property, real estate or a business, consumers should engage a professional appraiser for an independent and impartial analysis of their property.
So how do you know if you have hired a pro?
They show up on time. They are dressed respectfully. They are courteous.
The inspection is done thoroughly, including measurements, pictures and notes. When they call to make the appointment, you will be asked questions about your property to make sure your appraiser has the best similar sales for comparison.